Text Box: Calling for Sponsorship
As producer of Spirit Of Life I have been able to keep the program going out of my own resources, supporting myself for the past eight years as a self employed freelance video producer. Recently however my financial situation has deteriorated, to the effect that I may not be able to keep the program going without significant ongoing sponsorship.
The sponsorship levels I have devised as shown here are a guide to what I am able to offer potential sponsors as acknowledgement for their support.
The rules of C31 make it difficult to offer much more than this to acknowledge sponsors.
In any case I would prefer to attract sponsors who are willing to support the program for its intrinsic value rather than any advertising value it may have.
One off donations would also be welcome - however neither donations or sponsorship by an individual is tax deductible because I am a not a registered charity.
Sponsorship by a business however, would be deductible as an advertising expense.
In addition to this, another proposal I have come up with in order to assist me in keeping the program going, is to ask potential sponsors to consider an interest free loan to me in order to enable me to upgrade my equipment. 
This would make it easier for me to continue earning sufficient income as a freelance video producer to be able to keep the program going. 
Over the past 8 years the standard of my equipment has deteriorated due to both its age and the advances in technology in that time, particularly the introduction of the new HD formats. This has affected the amount of work I can attract using my current equipment.
Because I earn so little from my freelance work I am unable to either qualify for or afford a normal loan.
I would probably need around $15,000 to restore my  equipment to the equivalent level, relative to the advances in technology since then, that it was at 8 years ago.
Text Box:
Text Box: A multi-denominational, wide ranging, in depth, Christian Interview Program


Text Box: My contact details are as follows:
David McLauchlan 
Ph: 0412 166 563 or 0430 314 213
Email: dmclauch@bigpond.net.au
Web site: www.davidmcl.id.au  
Text Box: Sponsorship Levels
A while ago I devised a multi level sponsorship proposal which I have recently revised as follows:
Silver - $1 to 25 per week
This level is designed so that individuals who wish to support our program can do so.
As acknowledgement of their support of the program Silver sponsors get their name mentioned on our website as well as 50% off any DVDís of the program they may purchase
Gold - $26 to 99 per week
This level is designed so that individuals who have a business, as well as small Church Groups, can support the program.
As acknowledgement of their support of the program Gold sponsors get a mention in the Closing Billboard of the program each week as well as on our website. They will also get a free DVD of each weeks program.
Platinum - $100 to 199 per week
This level is designed for larger small business and Church Groups.
As acknowledgement of their support of the program Platinum sponsors get a mention in the Closing Billboard of the program each week, with their business logo displayed, as well as on our website, They will also get a free DVD of each weeks program.
Diamond - $200 per week or more
This level is designed for businesses or Church Groups who wish to make a major contribution to our program
As acknowledgement of their support of the program Diamond sponsors get their details and Logo displayed exclusively on the opening Billboard, along with a voiceover thanking them specifically for their support. 
Their business Logo and name will also be displayed in the Closing Billboard of the program each week, as well as on our website. They will also get a free DVD of each weeks program.
If there is no diamond sponsor the opening billboard will be allocated at my discretion.
Text Box: About the Program
Spirit of Life is a multi-denominational Christian program consisting of in depth interviews with people from all areas of Christian life, from many denominations across the whole range of the Christian community. 
It goes to air on C31 on Mondays at 11:30pm and currently with repeats of each weeks program on the following Thursday at 9am and in the early hours of Sunday morning at 5am.
The interviews for the program are filmed, sometimes several weeks ahead of the program going to air, in the C31 Community Studio, at the C31 offices, in the City.
One of the aims of the program is to show the diversity of the Christian Community both to itself and to the wider community. 
Itís format gives the time for the in depth telling of the stories of the people interviewed. Lately, since last January we have been doing two programs in a row with most guests. 
The program was originally started by myself, David McLauchlan and Mirella Rich (nee Killingsworth). Due to the birth of her child in December 2008 Mirella had to stop being involved with the program after being Co-producer and the main interviewer since it started in 2004.
Because both myself and Mirella were from a Catholic background the program has featured many Catholic guests, though over the years we have also developed a lot of contacts across the wider Christian community.
Some of the guests the program has featured in the past year have included, Sam Clear, from Youth Mission Team Australia, who walked around the world for Christian Unity, Mark Bateman from Chaplaincy Australia, Sr. Rachel Fleurant from the Missionaries of Godís Love, Stewart Kohinga, a Christian musician, Jason Davies-Kildea, a Captain in the Salvation Army, Rev. Kevin Brown the Director of Studies of Kingsley Bible College and Alexandra Bekiaris a Christian Film Producer.
The programs web site has streaming video of current and past programs available in wmv format.
It is produced through the not for profit Community Television Incorporated Association, Northern Access Television, which is one of the member groups of the Melbourne Community Television Consortium, which owns and operates Melbourne C31.

Text Box:  C31 Melbourne and Victoria is a not-for-profit television service providing locally-based entertainment, education and information. C31 provides access and representation to the many diverse communities within Victoria. Transmitted from Mount Dandenong, C31ís signal reaches homes throughout Melbourne and Geelong. 
Broadcasting in over 20 different languages, you can find faces, voices and issues which are not present in mainstream television, including Somali TV, Deaf TV, Bent TV and SYN TV (students and youth). 
C31 has been servicing Melbourneís communities since October 1994. and has over 1.3 million Melburnians tuning in each month. For further information, visit the stations web site:
Text Box: Text Box: Northern Access Television Association Inc. is a  community based non-profit television production group.  NAT is a full member of the Melbourne Community Television Consortium which holds
the license for C31 Melbourne and Victoria. 

We are a volunteer based group that receives no regular sources of funding.  We rely on the support of our members and the general public to keep producing Community based Television programs.  

We need the support of the community to be able to continue producing our wide variety of programs for Channel 31, and to continue to have access to a free to air broadcast TV signal with the transition to digital TV.

For more information see our web site: